School Management Software Overview:

I-Genius is a fully integrated school management software developed in India which is introduced to simplify the complexities faced in daily school operations.

Within no time, I-Genius School management system has reached millions of people and now it is been used by thousands of educational institutions all over the globe for all management, administration and finance related activities.

I-Genius is a software for school management which handles fees Management system so Intelligently and easily.

As a result there are no long queues for fees payment leaving behind a great impression in the parents mind.I-Genius Software does not save only your valuable time but helps in development and growth of your esteemed organization.

A school’s business culture is totally different from other trades. Unlike, in other trades the businessmen purchase some goods, display in his shop and sell to customer on some profit.

Accounting means to them simply sale and purchase.

But, in case of school, it is not true. Money circulation in school depends on fees collection.

Fees is collected under different heads viz. Admission Fees, Tuition Fees, Annual Charges, Sports Fees, Computer Fees, Smart Class Fees, Library Fees, Newspaper Fees, Amalgamated Funds, Building Funds, Development Charges etc.

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Fees to be collected under these heads becomes due towards student at different intervals.

For eg. Admission Fees is to be collected only once at the time of admission.

Annual Charges, Amalgamated Funds, Development Charges are collected once in a year.

Computer Fees, Tuition Fees, Sports Fees, Library Fees are collected every month or bimonthly.

At any point of time we may need to check how much fees is collected under a particular head e.g. “Tuition fees”.

In a school, there are various classes from Pre-Nursery to 12th. Every class has number of students. Some students belong to General category or SC, BC or staff children.

A school needs to create their fee structure on the basis of class and category. for example “Tuition Fee” from class 2nd is 500 From General Category,  300 From SC/BC category;  From 3rd Class “Tuition Fee” is 600 (General Category), 400(SC/BC) category  etc.

Manually calculating fees head wise dues, keeping record of every student’s payments, creating list of defaulter students, tracking every detail about an issue is very time consuming process and prone to mistakes.

In today’s busy schedule, everybody has shortage of time. When parents come for fee deposit in a school, operator ask them

“In which class is your ward studying…?”,

“You belong to which category..?.”,

“Is there any Brother / sister…?”,

“Are you also using school transportation..?”   etc.

Means in manual working it takes appx 5-10 mins to calculate fees receipt of one student.  If there are 100 parents coming for fees payment in one day. It means

some of them have to wait for 3-4 hrs for their turn to come which in turn results in overhead expenses and anxiety among parents.

Using I-Genius School management software, a school can maintain fees operations so easily and accurately.

Just need to create fees heads and define fee plan of the school.  Put a glance on how to create fees heads article.

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  1. Asif

    User friendly software with almost all school management features at reasonable price. Support (Y)

  2. Saad

    This software reduced our burden of keeping students record in various files and formats. Thanks to Gogeo Mart for introducing this user-friendly tool.

  3. Rafiq

    From my point of view I-Genius software handles fees Management system so Intelligently and easily. As a result there are no long queues for fees payment leaving behind a great impression in the parents mind.