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Send free PDF invoice to customer has become must to have tool for every business. Here you need not worry or subscribe to any other specific tool.

In our billing software you can create and send free PDF invoices using built in professional invoice templates or design your own in OnePlus GST billing software.

or Email invoices directly to your clients or send invoice download link via SMS or Whatsapp.

As we know to send invoice need to perform sales transaction in ERP system.

Let us learn here how to do simple sale entry in business ERP Software.

To Do so open OnePlus Billing Software click on sale in entries menu from right side bar or from main menu

Sales Entry in Free PDF

To do new sale entry click on new.

New Sales Entry in Free PDF
You can set your desired date however it will pick current system date. In terms you can select whether your sales is in cash or credit.Then you will select party to which you sale.

In this software you have to do single entry you can mention both cash and customer name simultaneously.

Customer Name in Free PDF

To create a new customer you can click on plus sign or press F3 button.

Create New Customer in Free PDF
Here you can fill your customer name in account name and then press enter. In group you have to select customer. In opening balance fill the credit which that customer has to pay while creating this account. If party has GST no then you must fill GST no.


 Thus you can fill all details regarding to customer and click on save. In this way new created customer will be add in your party list.

If you want to edit details of existing customer, supplier or any party then click on the sign indicated in below picture.

Edit Customer in Free PDF

 As shown in below picture you can change detail and don’t forget to click on update after making changes in customer/supplier account. At a time you can edit any party details. In this way new customer or party name will be added/edited in party list.

 After that you select any party here you will get snapshot of that party details. If your customer is out of state and he has GST No. then software automatically select interstate B2B in sale type block,

if your customer is out of state but he has not a GST number then it will select interstate retailer sales, if your customer is local customer and he has GST number then you will select Local B2B sale

and if the customer is local but he has not a GST number then you will select Local retail sale. After selecting sale type press enter. Now fill the bill no. detail and if you want to create new bill then press F3 key. Then fill the due date on which customer has to pay your payment and press enter.

Partys snapshot in Free pdf

 After pressing enter you will see list of items which you have created in this software. Select that item which you are selling to customer. As you will select item you will get snapshot of details that on which date you had sell this product and at what price.

List of Items in Free PDF

To see last purchase record for the same item you can click on option click to show last purchase record for this item block. You can press

 Last purchased record in Free PDF

 Continue to close this snapshot. Then you will fill quantity of item, basic price of that item, discount percentage, and then you will get net value and press enter.

Basic Price of Item in Free PDF

After that you will see again list of items again and if you sell other item also then you can select from that item list and will get snapshot and all that as we discussed above while we had selected first item. You will see that all items you have added is front of you and all details about those items.

Save sale invoice in Free PDF

You can see the total amount, total quantity everything of these items below as indicated by arrow and click on save. If you want to print then click on print.

Print Format in Free PDF Invoice

Here you can select bill print format and you can preview the print and to send this bill print to your customer click on free email, if you did not mention his email id then

Describe new mail id in Free PDF Invoice

You will see message as indicated by arrow by clicking yes you can mention his email id in the account and click on update.

email id in customer account in Free PDF

In this way his email id will be save in his account created by you.

Now again click on send free email then the software show message of successfully sent.

Mail sent successfully in Free PDF

If customer is GST register then you can send him SMS on his contact number Click on send PDF SMS.

 Send SMS in Free PDF

In the same way you will find Whatsapp button beside Send PDF invoice as shown in the picture below, when you click it will open page scan code using your Whatsapp app and choose the party to whom you want to send PDF invoice download link and click send, that’s all

 Send Free SMS or Whatsapp

 In this way SMS will be receive by Customer. By clicking on the link given in SMS he can see full detailed bill. Now click on close.

In this way you can do sale entry and send PDF invoice very easily.


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