Send Bulk SMS to students with i-Genius Software

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You can send SMS to students on their Birthdays, Holidays, Parents Birthdays / Anniversary, Homework. Notices, Fee reminders, Fees receipts etc. using i-Genius School/College Management software.

In order to send bulk SMS, you need to register with some SMS service provider and purchase Transaction SMS Pack. Keep following points in mind while purchasing SMS Pack.

  1. Must be Open route Transactional Message Pack.
  2. Avoid packs that require pre approved SMS templates to be added in their panel. in this case you will need to get approval from sms provider company every time you change anything in message content.
  3. SMS API must be available in the message pack.
  4. Purchase SMS Pack from reputed company only.

As you purchase SMS pack, you will get an SMS API from the SMS company. You need to configure this SMS API In I-Genius Software.

Sample SMS API Format

Your SMS API will look like this:,89745xxxx&message=This is sample text sms to show you how api works&type=4

How to Configure SMS API in I-Genius Software?

Click Help >> SMS Templates as shown in the image below

Configure SMS API in I-Genius
Click Help >> SMS Templates


Configure SMS API Pack

Click on “Configure SMS API”


Configure Your SMS API
Configure Your SMS API as per instructions provided

How to setup SMS Templates?

To send sms messages to multiple customers with similar content, you can make use of an SMS template. Templates define the structure and content of the message where some of it is predefined while some content can be added dynamically while sending the message.

For Example if you want to send an fee reminder Message Like this

Dear Vijay Kumar, your fee is due for the month of May, Jun, Jul Amounting to Rs. 4500/- Kindly pay on due date to avoid late fee.

in this above message, information like “Vijay Kumar”, “May, Jun, Jul” and “4500” is dynamic content and need to be added at the time of sending sms itself.

SMS Templates will help you configure these data fields in sms.

Set edit SMS template

Double click on any sms structure to define or modify any sms template.
Write the static content in Edit SMS Box. choose dynamic fields from list of dynamic fields at right side.
when you are done, then click on OK.

How to determine the mobile on which SMS will be sent?

How to determine the mobile on which SMS will be sent
Some messages need to be sent on Father’s mobile (e.g. fees dues, receipts etc.) while some messages are concerned with mother (Homework, holidays etc). Parents Anniversary message need to be delivered on both Father and Mother mobile.

So friends these are the easiest ways through which you can communicate with your students or there parents.

If you find this article useful do share with your friends and colleagues, who are in need and planning to implement bulk SMS system.

Ask them to try our demo software once. To download click here

If you need any further assistance in software installation/configuration please feel free to contact us

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