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Why You Need A School Management System Software? 4

School Fulfill the Basic Need of Mankind : Education,

School is an organization where education is given to the students to make them capable for the battle of life and to make them learn on their own and teach one another.

Prime duty of the teachers and staff members to plan and act for the welfare of the students.

For this purpose, they need ample amount of time. If they get free from other work like data management especially if they are doing manually, they can think and work for the progress of students and school.

Why Don’t Schools use A School Management System Software To Save Time of Staff?

To fulfill this purpose, we have tool especially for school management software in India,  which will save lot of time of teachers and other staff.

In this School Management software, we can plan our own fees structure, we can manage all the inquiries and admissions, generate fees reports and other necessary reports. We can manage library and all its functions in this software.

#1. Manage complications in fee accounting efficiently

A school’s business culture is totally different from other trades. Unlike, in other trades the businessmen purchase some goods, display in his shop and sell to customer on some profit.

Accounting means to them simply sale and purchase. But, in case of school, it is not true. Money circulation in school depends on fees collection.

Fees is collected under different heads viz. Admission Fees, Tuition Fees, Annual Charges, Sports Fees, Computer Fees, Smart Class Fees, Library Fees, Newspaper Fees, Amalgamated Funds, Building Funds, Development Charges etc.

Fees to be collected under these heads becomes due towards student at different intervals. For eg. Admission Fees is to be collected only once at the time of admission. Annual Charges, Amalgamated Funds, Development Charges are collected once in a year. Computer Fees, Tuition Fees, Sports Fees, Library Fees are collected every month or bimonthly.

At any point of time we may need to check how much fees is collected under a particular head e.g. “Tuition fees”.

In a school, there are various classes from Pre-Nursery to 12th. Every class has number of students. Some students belong to General category or SC, BC or staff children. A school needs to create their fee structure on the basis of class and category.

For example “Tuition Fee” from class 2nd is 500 From General Category,  300 From SC/BC category;  From 3rd Class “Tuition Fee” is 600 (General Category), 400(SC/BC) category  etc.

Manually calculating fees head wise dues, keeping record of every student’s payments, creating list of defaulter students, tracking every detail about an issue is very time consuming process and prone to mistakes. In today’s busy schedule, everybody has shortage of time.

#2. School Management System Saves time of Staff as well as Parents

When parents come for fee deposit in a school, operator ask them

Save time of parents and teacher during Fees collection
When parents come for fee deposit in a school, operator ask them “In which class is your ward studying…?”, “You belong to which category..?.”, “Is there any Brother / sister…?”, “Are you also using school transportation..?” etc.


It means in manual working it takes appx 5-10 mins to calculate fees receipt of one student.  If there are 100 parents coming for fees payment in one day. It means

some of them have to wait for 3-4 hrs for their turn to come which in turn results in overhead expenses and anxiety among parents.

#3. School Management System Helps You Manage Library

Managing a library in school consists of various complications like accession register, fine calculation, list of pending books etc.

Library management in I-Genius School ERP Software
As we know every school has their own library where several operations will take place like, books inward (either in the form of Purchase or student returning books which he/she has taken from library), issuing books to the student, collecting late books submission charges, maintaining books issue register, maintaining books class/rack wise etc.


#4. Manage Stationary Shop

School Stationary Management
School needs to manage all the stock items received from the supplier like stationery, book sets, Sports items, music items etc. Every sale purchase entry needs to be maintained accurately.


#5. Family Receipt

Family Receipt Management in School ERP Software
In case there are multiple students from same family studying in the school, parents can pay fees of all the students as a group or family. In that case, parents will be given family Receipt slip wherein fees of all the students will be shown. To take fees of the students in family, school must create a family name while filling data in student admission entry forms.


What are you waiting for, download school management software here

and computerize your manual work.

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance in software installation or configuration.


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