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What is LAN?

A group of computes located in a relatively small area and connected by a common medium is called LAN (Local Area Network).

Almost all Windows versions support connection of multiple computers in a home network. Connecting multiple computers in a network is a convenient way to share files in the office. This document provides instructions for setting up and sharing folders and files on a wired home network.

Before going on next step let us discuss,

What is Node?

Each of the computers on the network is called a node.

What is Internetwork?

In some cases a LAN is limited to a room or a building. The LAN which expands the network beyond this limit is called internetwork.

Assume that you have configured LAN in two different buildings like building A and building B. A node from Building A is not able to access a node from building B.

The network which is formed to establish network between building A and building B is known as internetwork and devices use to connect two or more individual LAN is called router.

What is WAN?

The full form of WAN is Wide Area network. The name itself explains that the network which is used to connect distant location network is called WAN.

What is Client/Server and Peer to Peer Network?

A computer can communicate with each other in various ways, and fulfill the different roles. Based on communication type the network is categorized in 2 types.

Client/Server:  On a client server network, one system act as server with other nodes in the network and remaining computers act as client to that server. (A server is a normal computer loaded with server configuration/application).

Peer to peer: In this type of network each node in the network behave both as client and server. This means any computer can share its resources with network and access the shared resources on other computer.

From above points you got basic idea of network types, now common let us start configuring network.

What are the basic Requirements to Form Network?

Most LANs use some form of cables as their network medium (network topology). Although there are many types of wireless medium also available, but I prefer to use cables because they are more reliable and in general they provide greater transmission speed than other media.

  1. UTP Twisted pair Cable (Cat5e or Cat6 (network cable) is the most common medium used in LANs today)
  2. RJ 45 Connectors
  3. Crimping Tool (used to connect/Crimp RJ 45 Jacks with UTP Cable)
  4. network interface card (Only if didn’t find on-board LAN card: It is the component that provides the link between a computer and the network of which it is a part)
  5. Network Hub/Network Switch (Used to connect all the computers on network)

Hope you have all the tools. Implement our first step

  1. Connect rj45 with a network cable:
    1.Take a crimping tool
    2. Cut the cable as per your need.
    3. skin-out the shield.
    4. then cut the twisted cables equally using the crimping tool
    5 . Align all eight twisted cables into either color combination as listed below:

1st Mthod:
– white orange
– orange
– white green
– blue
– white blue
– green
– white brown
– brown


2nd Method:

– white Green
– Green
– white Orange
– blue
– white blue
– Orange
– white brown
– brown insert it in the rj 45 connector.
7. use crimping tool to crimp RJ45 Connector
8. Repeat same procedure with another end and other cables

Till now we learn’t to prepare cable to establish network in between two or more PCs.

In the next step we are going to learn configuring LAN on PC and connecting PC to the Internet.

How to configure LAN on PC?

Attach the RJ-45 connector to the Ethernet network port on your PC or laptop.

Attach RJ45 to Ethernet port on your PC or Laptop


Right click on ‘My Network Places’ icons located on the desktop or in the popup menu (To open popup menu press windows logo key and E button on your keyboard). Click on Properties

My Network Places’ icons

Another method, click ‘Start’ from the task-bar and right click on ‘My Network Places’ option from the popup menu. In the menu that appears select ‘Properties’

It will open network and sharing center, from left hand side menu bar as shown in below image click on change adapter settings

Change Adapter settings

once you click you will be redirected to network connections window

Local area network Icon

Right-click on ‘Local Area Connection’ in the new Window that appears (under the LAN or High-Speed internet section).

local area network properties

Click Properties in the popup menu that appears.

TCP-IP protocal properties

Scroll down and select ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click on ‘Properties’ tab in the Local Area Connection dialog box that appears under the connection box.

obtain ip address automatically

Opt for obtaining the configuration settings automatically or manually. To obtain the settings automatically, select ‘Obtain an IP Address Automatically’.

However, to use this option, you will need to have a DHCP server that will function in allocating and managing IP address to ensure that there are no IP address conflicts.


Or else Configure your PC to the network manually, if you modem isn’t connected that with the options mentioned above.

Click the option ‘Use the following IP Address’.

static ip address

Enter the IP address to use. It is important that you consult your network administrator on the IP to use so as to avoid conflicts occurring in the network, i.e. a situation where two PCs have similar IP addresses.

If wish you can use recommended IP address range like to driven from network class C.

Note: Assign individual IP address to different PC. Don’t ever use same IP address on more than one PC.

Enter the Subnet Mask and Default gateway. The subnet mask is used to identify the network level you are in while the default gateway identifies the router connection

Check the option ‘Show icon in notification area when connected’.

Click ‘OK”.

This will enable you to know if the local area connection is connected or disconnected


.How to configure PC for internet connection?

Right click on the network icon located on the task bar right side

Open Network and Sharing Centre to configure LAN

Go to network and sharing center

setup a new network

2. click on setup a new connection or network

it will open a wizard where you have to select “Connect to the Internet” and click next

Connect to the internet

3. click on next –> next —> set up my connection manually —-> next —-> using user name —> connect broad band —> next —-> give your Internet Service provider name  —-> give user name and pass word ( ur operator will provide it) —> next —-> finish.

That’s all now enjoy the power of networking at your home/office with internet.

Hope you learn’t some thing?

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