is your laser printer producing poor print like this?

Is your laser printer producing poor printouts? Leave a comment

Whenever your laser printer producing poor printouts first thing comes into mind that our toner levels might be low,

and sometimes your prediction could be absolutely correct, you might need new ink or toner cartridge.

But here in this case there could be something else; it’s probably not emptied or broken.

You might be neglecting your printer. Just like your bike or car, please note a printer requires regular maintenance for it to run smoothly.

Through Laser printers we get at least hundreds of papers each week, making them a great investment in your office or home.

To boost your printer’s efficiency and have clean, professional-looking printouts, it’s important to have a printer maintenance plan.

Here I am going to help you to fix it and I’ll try to do it without costing you single paisa or you need not to buy a new printer or cartridge until reach step No. 5.

Firstly, your safety should always come first when cleaning your printer.

Make sure you turn off and unplug your printer before cleaning it up to avoid any kind of electrocution.

Also, wear a mask and latex gloves to prevent the fine toner particles from sticking on your skin or getting into your lungs.

Remember to keep the windows open and turn off the AC or fans when conducting laser printer maintenance.

Use printer manual, most manuals have a guide on how to clean and maintain the printers.

Here are five Reasons your laser printer producing poor printouts

1. Low ink/Toner Level

It’s good idea giving your toner cartridge a shake; this align the toner powder around the cartridge, giving you quite a few more pages before you need to replace it.

Hold the cartridge away from your body with both hands and gently shake it from side to side, and up and down, for about 10 seconds.

Then pop it back into your printer and try printing.

2. Remove Dust and Debris

Dust and debris buildup in your laser printer can cause jams when printing.

What’s more, these dirt particles cause your printer to produce streaks of ink that soil your printed documents.

When cleaning the printer, it’s recommended to use a small, pressure-controlled vacuum to suck the dust away.

To remove the grime at the corners of your laser printer, gently use moist cotton swabs.

3. Problems with the fuser roller

The fuser is the part that heats the toner powder, helping it to stick and seal the paper to create a print.

Sometimes, toner can stick to a fuser’s upper roller. This might be your problem if you can see a cloudy image of your print out somewhere else on the page.

This occurs because the last thing that was printed out leaves toner particles that weren’t completely melted stuck to the fuser,

when the next thing is printed it then transfers onto the paper and gives the effect of a faint cloudy picture over the top of the new print out.

Try removing your fuser unit and check to see if the upper roller has toner stuck to it. If it does, then it’s probably worth cleaning.

4. Humidity could be reason your laser printer producing poor printouts

The humidity in your office can also affect the performance of your printer.

Almost all toner cartridges and also the paper you use have an optimum operating humidity rating and if the humidity is too low/high, problems can quickly occur.

The best place for your printer to be is somewhere that’s neither too humid nor humid enough!

5. Time To Choose The Right Refill

Shopping for high-quality refill cartridges should be your top-most priority on your printer maintenance checklist.

Although they may be a little bit more expensive, they help maintain the best working conditions for your laser printers.


Most cheap generic cartridges tend to produce blotchy or faded printouts.

I recommend you to buy toner cartridges from re-manufactured brands like Print Smart, WellMark, Image King etc,

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